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‘Movement’ is a new work for brass band that was commissioned by Bath University as part of their  50th Anniversary celebrations. It was premiered on Saturday 6 May 2017 at Bath University and performed by Bath Spa Brass Band.

After the success of a transcription of Michael Nyman’s ‘Prospero’s Magic‘, performed at Bath Abbey, I was invited to compose a new work for brass band. The brief was to compose music that represented the movement of people and cultures from different places, arriving in one place and finding a unified voice at the end of that journey. In essence the journey of every student and academic to Bath University, leading on after to their life as a postgraduate.

There is nothing quite like the sensation of hearing a live, unamplified Brass band; the sheer range of colours, timbre and volume is an assault of the senses that is a joy to write for. It was an honour to work with the band during rehearsals and witness the piece coming to life from the dots on the paper. The Bath Spa Brass Band have a busy schedule throughout the year and are well worth seeing in live performance.