The Bath Tub Orchestra

Edward Bettella conducting The Bath Tub Orchestra

The Bath Tub Orchestra is a brand new community orchestra based in Bath.

Founded in October 2018, the Bath Tub Orchestra is a mixed ability orchestra that plays all kinds of music from pop songs, jazz, blues, film soundtracks and classical favourites. The orchestra is open to all kinds of instruments and welcomes new players, with rehearsals taking place every week in the centre of Bath. Under the direction of composer-pianist Edward Bettella, the Bath Tub Orchestra have big plans for 2019 with recordings and gigs planned for later in the year.


The Bath Tub Orchestra

The Bath Tub Orchestra


If you would like to join please email the orchestra at bathtuborchestra[at]gmail[dot]com. The orchestra are especially looking for more brass, strings and percussion, but would love to hear from you whatever you play.

One thought on “The Bath Tub Orchestra

  1. Hi, I played trumpet and flugelhorn about 25 years ago. If you could tolerate someone working their way back to playing (I was only ever average) then I would love to come along. If this is too low a level I won’t be offended!

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